Monday, February 28, 2011

Melissa + Matthew

Some people are not so smart when it comes to technology.  As my Dad puts it, "On the information super highway, I'm roadkill."  Some people might have spent an inordinate amount of timing learning how to save a Word document as a JPEG.  But some people endure and swear to never print the word document, take a picture of it, then post it on here in all of it's fantastic fuzziness.  Some people. Sheesh.  But the good news is, some people have Google, vast quantities of dark chocolate and a determination to get it right. 

So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you (shouldn't there be a drum roll right about now?) Melissa and Matthew's Inspiration Board.  This is the by product of our first consultation.  Melissa brought some really great ideas and requests (Can you say "vintage," "natural looking," and "timeless, but unique?" She did. Sigh. I love her style!)  There was one flower she was certain she had to have (lilacs and lots of 'em!).  We had a great time talking flowers that would compliment the colors and mood of the day, as well as her budget.  Check out a few of them above..ranunculus, lilacs, anemones, sweet peas, nigella, stock, and apple blossoms. This weekend, we'll be meeting at The Farm Kitchen, the wedding and reception venue, to finalize plans for both the ceremony and reception flowers.  Can't wait!

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